Joe Green worked for 37 years in the American space program, retiring from NASA as Deputy Chief of the Education Office at Kennedy Space Center. His specialty was preparing NASA fact sheets, brochures and other semi-technical publications for the general public, explaining complex scientific and engineering concepts in layman's language. Author of over 20 science papers for NASA and contractor executives. As a part-time freelancer he published five SF novels (DAW, Doubleday, ACE, Gollancz) and about 70 shorter works (Analog, F&SF, original anthologies). Novels and stories translated into German, Italian, Spanish, French, Polish and Dutch. Some more recent stories appear in on-line magazines; see bibliography.

Received his BA at the University of Alabama. Previously worked as mill hand, construction worker, and shop supervisor for Boeing. Six years building Bomarc and Minuteman missile bases in Florida, New York, Virginia, Montana, and North and South Dakota; 31 years at the Kennedy Space Center.